17 July

Wooden and lamented flooring

Posted by Eric Sousana in laminate flooring, wood floors,

Looking for the beautiful and ageless flooring for your new dream home? Well you have come to the right place. When, 6 months ago, I was in the same problem as to what my flooring should look like, I searched a lot of stores and personnel for this purpose and thus finished my search at the exquisite wooden floors. The natural aura that these floors instill in your home is just out of this world. When I walk on my wooden floors and listen to the chomping sound of wood beneath, I always feel closer to the nature. The usage of wooden floors in homes is not at all a recent vogue. This is a trend that never dies and never fades away. The wood industry has grown a lot since the past few decades. Now you can have many forms of wood available to you and from that vast variety you can choose your favorite shade and color of wood. Wooden floors need to be installed professionally and then you do not ever have to repent that you installed it. The peculiar intricacy embedded in simple patterns infuses a very refreshing look to your home.

As far as the laminate floors are concerned, they are a new and latest up gradation of the wooden floors. In the laminated floors, wood is complimented by the addition of stones and tiles. This sophisticated addition has given the wooden floors a whole new domain. No doubt laminated floors are also a sub-type of wooden floors but still their overall presentation is quite different from that of the wooden floors. These floors also increase the overall prices of the homes if you want to sell your home. An overall comparison of these two forms of floors shows that the weightage is somewhat more towards the laminated floor as technology has made these advancements far greater than those of the wooden floors.