Winter 2022 home trends

When autumn comes, we have to change the air in our home And if it's with the latest trends of the season, so much better.

We passed many months in the same rooms, with the same decoration and the arrival of winter is the best time to change it.

We tell you all the the trends of this winter so you can start as soon as possible!

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Colors inspired by nature

Natural colors will be successful this winter 2022, colors such as raw, beige, ocher and gray. They are soft and comfortable colors to avoid charging.

Other more intense colors that are in fashion this winter are "Rainforest", a bold and cheerful green, and "Classic blue", a very elegant color.

Gold is also a "top" this seasonespecially in chairs or armchairs and floor lamps.

“Slow decoration”

We have been closed at home for months and we have seen the need to change our habits and we have understood that to feel good about ourselves and our home we only need the essentials. Don't overload your home with unnecessary things.

The trend slow deco” transform your home into calm and harmony.

Create spaces to read, rest... to feel good about yourself. Leave the stress away from home!


Source: Slow Deco

furniture cane or mesh furniture are in full swing, we find them in headboards, chairs, wardrobes, lamps…

owns a vintage airbut it is a very modern material that adapts to any style.

Furthermore, being a rattan braid it is also very topical, as we will tell you below.

Vegetable fibres

Furniture and accessories made with these fibers are a trend this winter, they are no longer just typical of summer. They contribute a cozy touch for the colder season.

The most popular are the wicker, rattan, hemp and bambooalthough there are many others. You can find all this in carpets, armchairs, wall paintings, flower pots...

You don't need to fill your home with items made from natural fibers, just add a little at a time.

Japanese style

japanese style

Source: Elle Decor

Japandi is a fusion between the Scandinavian and Japanese style.

Their main common feature is minimalism, there is no room for superfluous ornaments or decorations. Japandi houses have no superfluous luxuries and each object has a specific function.

i are used inside the plantsdue to the strong influences of Zen.

As for the furniture colorsit takes up the dark tones of the Japanese style combined with the oak tones, typical of the Scandinavian style.

What do you think of the new home trends of this 2022? You like? OhPut your home up to the last!

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