3 September

The benefits of Laminate Flooring compared to the other flooring material

Posted by Eric Sousana in laminate flooring, wood floors,

Laminate is an inexpensive type of flooring material that is a great alternative to the traditional engineered or solid wooden floors. Laminate is made out of plastic material, which makes it light weight and easy to install. Basically, laminate consists of multiple plastic layers that get pressed together and then placed on your existing floor. Not only that, but Caliwoodfloors.com has a wide selection of laminates that visually resemble real hardwood. That way you can give off the appearance of having the more expensive solid hardwood flooring without actually having to buy it.


Most of the time, laminate flooring is installed over stone material because stone flooring is what home builders leave after they are done. However, if you are fortunate to already have a preexisting wooden floor, then you can just place clear laminate material right over it. You might be thinking, “Why would I want to put more flooring material over existing material?” One good reason is to preserve its lifespan. Real wood can get damaged or stained by any number of accidents that may occur. If you were to have a plastic laminated layer of protection over it, then the impact of any accident would occur on the laminate. Therefore, the flooring underneath would be protected. Laminate is also very easy to clean. If you were to accidentally drop a glass of orange juice onto the laminated floor, you could wipe it clean without having to scrub or pick at anything. Wooden floors, on the other hand, have a very rough surface and will take a lot longer to clean.

If you can afford wooden floors then you will still want to consider getting them laminated afterwards. That way you can keep them protected while receiving all the benefits mentioned above. As for vinyl flooring, it does have some similarities to laminate flooring in terms of their low cost and easy maintenance. However, vinyl flooring can actually damage the flooring underneath if it is not installed properly. Before installing vinyl, you must make sure all dirt and tiny grains are swept away clean. If you were to install vinyl over these things, then the flooring underneath would eventually develop lumps and scuffs. As for the vinyl, it will rip and tear a lot easier over time. Also, vinyl can become discolored in the floor if it comes in contact with rubber. So, why worry about all of this with vinyl, wooden or bamboo flooring? Laminate material is perfect for any flooring situation because it removes all of these worries and doesn’t cost as much.