Stauf WFR-930 Solva-Mastic Wood Flooring Adhesive
4 Gallon

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Alcohol Based Wood Flooring Adhesive

  • Superior “Green Grab” unmatched by any other adhesive
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents
  • Eliminates hollow spots under wood flooring
  • Easily spread and cleaned

Approved Sub Floors

  • Concrete Slabs
  • OSB (underlayment grade)
  • Plywood (underlayment grade)
  • Cured Leveling Compounds
  • Radiant Heated Sub Floors

Approved Trowels and Spread Rate

  • Engineered Floors-#5 (3/16″x1/4″x3/8″) up to 60 sf/gallon
  • Solid Floors-#4 (1/4″x7/32″x9/32″) up to 50 sf/gallon
  • Parquet-#3 (5/32″x1/8″x3/16″) up to 70 sf/gallon
  • Underlayment’ -#15 (3/32″x3/32″x3/32″) up to 130 sf/gallon