18 April

Caliwood Floors Announces Expanded Line of Laminate Floors

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A greatly expanded line of colors and textures of laminate floors are now being offered by Caliwood Floors. Customers are responding to the new line eagerly.

Laminate flooring is an increasingly popular alternative to hardwood floors being explore by many homeowners. Affordable, but still very attractive looking, it is relatively durable and available in many different styles. Recently, leading floor manufacturer and distributor Caliwood Floors has announced that they have expanded the line of laminate floors they stock greatly expanding the colors and textures their catalog offers. Customers have responded to these new choices with interest.

“Laminate floors are a great option when hardwood is either too costly or inappropriate for a number of other reasons,” commented a spokesperson from Caliwood Floors. “We’re very happy to expand the choices we offer and we’re quite sure there’s a color or texture for any taste. All backed by our superior customer service, prices and warranties.”

Laminate flooring, according to the company, also has the advantage of being generally easier to install in most cases, and it is also known to be reasonably durable.

Some of the popular choices of laminate are very precise replicas of hardwood choices. The difference being that the laminate floors are made of much less expensive plastic melamine resin.

The company is happy to offer generous free samples to help the decision making process, easy delivery options, expert sales help and a 30 day return guarantee. These are all quite exceptional in the flooring industry, where poor customer service is, unfortunately, the norm.

Customers have given the laminate floors from Caliwood Floors a full endorsement.

Uriah J., from California, recently said, “I’m very happy with my experience with Caliwood Floors. We ordered Tuscany Laminate and it really looks brilliant. The salesperson worked with us for a convenient delivery time and the price couldn’t be beat. Five stars and a full recommendation!”